Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daily AMV Madness - A Service Announcement

In the middle of going through all my AMV I posted over this 4,5 months and I need some feedback on what I should do.
Here my idea for categorizes ( Yep categorizes because I posted so many different AMV, it's not fair to have no categorizes xD)
- Best AMV Creator : Here the question should I only count Creator with more then one AMV?
- Best MEP : nothing to say here it's only fair to have this also
- Best EVA AMV : Favourite Anime for AMV so I think to cure the best would be interesting ^^
- Best Comedy AMV - These have no chance in best Creator but here editing isn't the most important thing but the idea and how funny it is
These are to 99% sure but know some where I'm not to sure:
- Best Atmosphere AMV - name says it all
- Best Action AMV - this is gonna be hard but should be possible
- Sexiest AMV - After watching all AMV I noticed a lot of sexy ones, so this could be interesting xD
- Best AMV - Taking all AMV into account
- Most Influential AMV - The AMV that made you watch a Anime you never heard of or never paid attention to
- Gigg44's AMV that influenced him the most- My category ^^
Let me know what you think. I will pic 10 or so from each categorie and you will vote.

Here a short AMV so it's not only text xD - There will be a Daily AMV Madness Day 97 in a few hours


Whysoserious said...

first of all you are doing a great job posting AMV´s. Had a lot fun going though all of them!

The categorie choices are looking good. I would use all of them and let users vote inside the categories which amv they like the most!

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