Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daily AMV Madness // Day 100

Today's Daily AMV Madness is a special 100th Episode where I will let you vote for the best AMV's in 10 categories.

And the nominees for Best Atmosphere AMV are:
And the nominees for most unusual Music in an AMV are:
And the nominees for sexiest AMV are:
And the nominees for best AMV featuring Neon Genesis Evangelion are:
And the nominees for most FUN AMV are:
And the nominees for the best Multi Editor Project (MEP) are:
And the nominees for best AMV Creator are:
  1. VIDOK – Gimme More, Give Me More, Sexy
  2. Nostromo – Running Man, Binary Overdrive, Auriga, Magic Pad, Pure Thrust
  3. Chiikaboom – Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows, Mind Control, Hush., Crossfire
  4. Karin x Spirits – Out of Control, You're so Damn Hot, Seivah
  5. Illeila – Break, The Clap, RAH HEY
  6. Agressor – DeLight, Act of Genesis
  7. Stratos-RvS – Crack, Race
And the nominees for AMV that influenced one the most to watch the Anime are:
  1. Velho – Midway (Macross Zero)
  2. Leonhearth – Three Friends (Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas)
  3. Aggressor – DeLight (Shikabane hime Aka, Tales of the Abyss)
  4. Radical_Yue – Incubus  (Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of sinners )
  5. Scarab – It's smoky today (The Sky Crawlers)

And my all time favourite AMV in no order are:

And the most important categorie: Nominees for best AMV are:

  1. Nostromo – Running Man
  2. impr3ssive – noize 
  3. A Plan
  4. Boomi – Attack of the Otaku
  5. Kazend – Spiral Warriors 2
  6. nL-Studio – around the world
  7. Re-Evo – Spirtism
  8. Chiikaboom – Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows
  9. Project Elysium
  10. SilentMan – My Supergirlfriend
  11. MEP Random Fun
  12. MEP Versus
  13. VIDOK – Sexy
  14. Shadox – Our Future
  15. Nostromo – Binary Overdrive
  16. ThePooh – SyndFull 
  17. Startos-RvS – Crack
  18. MEP Fragrance
  19. MEP Crossover
  20. MEP Inglorious
  21. VIDOK - Gimme More
  22. Cenit - Jagdmeister
  23. Snegov1k – 6.43.a.m 

Voting will be held at my Figure.FM post


    Washi said...

    Funny, I was watching Nostromo's Running Man (not for the first time, of course) while reading this post! So this list is for the best AMVs of all time? And there's no Tyler!? Definitely one of the best editors. Just watch Jihaku, the only AMV that sends chills down my spine whenever I watch. And his Beautiful Lie is amazing. There are many other worthy AMVs, but of course it would be impossible to make a list that got all the good ones!

    I suppose it's limited to AMVs previously posted here?

    Gigg44 said...

    Yep your right only AMV I posted in the 144 Days I have been doing this so a good 150 AMV's to chose from wasn't that easy xD

    And shame on me haven't posted Jihaku until know but will definitely soon, it's in my AMV folder ^^

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