Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily AMV Madness // Day 11 - Do the M@D second Place

Today's AMV is the second place of the Do the MAD 2010 contest from amvnews.ru . One great AMV 

Creator: HydraStar
Anime: 5 Centimetres Per Second, Akatsuki no Goei, Angel Beats, Chrno Crusade, Clannad, Da Capo II, Deardrops, Eden * They Were Only Two On The Planet, Edel Blume, Ef A Fairy Tale Of The Two, Fate Stay Night, Le Portrait De Petit Cossette, Memories Off, Parasol, Primitive Link, Rozen Maiden, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, True Tears, Wand Of Fortune, Will O 'Wisp, Zegapain
Music: Lia - Light Colors



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