Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Consumer Report

If you ever wanted to buy a standalone mp3/video player then don't just buy a ipod.
Before I owned an iPhone4 I had two Cowon mp3 Player. Cowon is a Korean company owned by an really really picky man when it comes to audio. The products that company builds are the best sounding mp3 player for miles. They although are the only company that build a mp3 player which can play every file audio file flac, wav, mp3, acc etc.

But they also have great customer service. My first mp3 player an iAudio X5L I broke after dropping like 10 times the other 9 times nothing happened except a small spot in the paint. But the tenth time I broke the headphone input and only had mono sound. So I decided to write them an email to ask for repair, they said post per mail we'll fix it. 3 Days later I had it back fixed no charges.
My second mp3 player the Cowon S9 I recently broke the hold/power switch but this time the warranty expired they said I should send it in again and they would give me a repair estimate. But 2 hours ago UPS came and brought it back repaired and everything for no money what so ever.

So if you ever need an mp3 player buy Cowon xD


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