Thursday, July 29, 2010

44 Days of AMV // Day 1

As some who who follow me on Twitter / Facebook should have seen the flood of AMV'S I posted today xD That's why I decided everyday to Post a AMV.

For all that don't know AMV. AMV is nothing else as a Anime Music Video. There are bad and good AMV. Bad are just some Scenes with Music over it where the Music isn't fitted to the scenes shown.
I'll only post good AMV where scenes are chosen to fit the song. The Music is really different starting with your normal Radio/Pop Stuff to Rock Heavy Metal, Advertisement Jingles, Techno there is something for everyone.

We are gonna start of with

[AKROSS Con 2009] [F.O]cieux Studio - 2029 A.D.

Download Link :;id=1419;l=e

A Russian site but download link is easy to find xD The Russian surprisingly have a really big AMV Community


Hanzo said...

2029 is one of my favorite AMVs. The music fits just perfectly to the pictures. it just me or is the video asynchronous?

Gigg44 said...

Yeah your right last 2 min. have no audio. Will try to upload somewhere different or link to youtube.

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